Processing different types of orders can be a bit overwhelming for restaurant staff, and can often lead to some orders slipping through the cracks. Luckily, there is technology available to streamline the ordering process.

The past several years brought unprecedented changes for restaurant operations—and those changes included a lot more than dining room closures and reopenings. As operators worked hard throughout the pandemic to ensure takeout and delivery options were reliable and easy to access, the traditional point of sale (POS) system became largely outdated and obsolete. With third-party apps, websites, mobile ordering and more—not to mention more digital checkout options for dine-in orders—operators need to be prepared for omni-channel order fulfilment in order to maintain a high level of customer satisfaction.

Multiple sources of input can lead to chaos 

Processing different types of orders, if not sent to a central platform, can be a bit overwhelming for restaurant staff, and can often lead to some orders slipping through the cracks entirely. For instance, if orders from third-party apps are monitored on brand-specific tablets; dine-in orders are managed through another order ticket system; and website orders on yet another system, it’s easy to see how an order could be noticed late or missed entirely. This can lead to delayed order times and, in turn, unhappy customers.

Luckily, there is technology available to streamline the ordering process to ensure every order is processed through the same platform, which can offer a variety of benefits. One such solution is Restaurant POS Software—a cloud-native platform and POS—from Revel Systems®, which centralizes key restaurant processes and reports in one simple platform

Why streamline?

By having one central platform where all orders are processed, store operators no longer have to worry about different workers monitoring multiple order sources—or worse, having one person monitor every single platform, which can get chaotic during rushes. Instead, a dedicated staffer or staffers can keep an eye on one single tablet and process orders in the most efficient way. Revel Systems® offers operators an easy-to-use iPad to manage all store orders across a hybrid restaurant environment, and workers can breathe easier knowing they’ve got everything they need at their fingertips. On top of ordering, Revel’s platform can also manage inventory, automate workforce scheduling and tracking, and highlight peak business hours, which helps operators better plan their staffing needs, ordering and more.


Staff benefits

Having orders come through one platform also offers labor benefits. On-screen tools can be used to divide station-specific prep tasks, so each kitchen worker knows exactly what they need to be doing at any given time. This can help increase throughput, and faster order fulfillment is great for business.

Orders can also be prioritized based on specific needs, either in-house or for takeout/delivery. Color-coded alerts let staff know when orders are complete, so with a quick glance, a server will know if the food for Table 6 is ready or not. In today’s challenging labor market, offering staff support with the tools they need to succeed is critical for morale and reducing turnover, so operators should be mindful of the way every process is taken care of—including ordering.

Customer satisfaction

When orders go through a central location such as Revel’s cloud-native platform, the functionality allows staff to churn out more orders more quickly, leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction. In fact, faster food prep can even increase business, as shorter wait times may edge out competition when hungry diners are deciding where to order from or visit—and word of mouth moves fast when it comes to speed of service. 

A modern platform for an evergreen challenge

Operators are working through a unique time in restaurant history. With orders coming in for takeout, delivery, dine-in, curbside pickup and more, it’s essential to keep everything as organized and efficient as possible through omni-channel processing systems. To learn more about how SmartEposNI can help streamline the ordering process and talk to an expert http://www.smarteposni.co.uk/contact

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