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Covid-19 has changed the restaurant industry forever. Now more than ever consumers are demanding a more safe, convenient and digital experience in their day-to-day activities, especially when it comes to payments. A study around consumers using mobile payments found, “over 74% of Americans used their phone to order and pay for food and merchandise at least once a week, with nearly 48% using their phones for purchases several times a week or more.” It is no longer considered a luxury to offer contactless payments at your restaurant, but a requirement. Convenience and speed are at the forefront of the consumer’s mind. 

We know merchants have been under enormous pressure to offer contactless ordering and payment solutions that will help attract COVID-conscious consumers into transacting with them and keep up with the contactless payment demands. Luckily, Revel has the perfect solution that can meet those requirements.

Introducing Revel SmartPay

To equip restaurants with the latest payment technology to meet their customers demands, Revel is now offering Revel SmartPay. This solution allows your customers to pay for their orders from their own mobile devices. SmartPay reduces the amount of contact between customers and servers while also freeing up staff to focus on the overall customer experience. As a merchant, you have options for how you set up this solution. You can configure it to send an SMS text message from the cashier to the customer or have the customer scan a QR code on a guest check printed by the cashier. Through both configurations, guests can then navigate on their mobile phone to pay.

Revel SmartPay’s Features and Intuitive Payment Experience

Many beneficial features come with SmartPay. Most notable are the following: 

  • QR code scan-to pay
  • SMS text-to-pay
  • Order summary user interface (UI) that contains information about the order
  • Ability to tip on the order summary UI
  • Ability to process payments with Revel Advantage (Revel’s in-house payment processing solution) powered by 

SmartPay requires only a few simple steps to pay, all from payment devices customers already have in their palms and pockets. When it comes to QR code scan-to-pay or SMS text-to- pay, merchants can simply print the guest check with the QR code on the receipt. Alternatively, servers can type in the customer’s phone number on the point of sale (POS) and send a link with the order status page to the customer. The customer will either scan the QR code or click on the link texted to them by the server, and the order status page will appear. This will give them an overview of their order and the ability to add a tip. Once they continue with the payment, they enter their card information and submit their payment. An email with a receipt is sent to the customer, and the customer is free to go! Contactless, fast, simple and convenient—four words that describe the overall payment experience with SmartPay. Here is a closer look at additional benefits SmartPay offers to your customers and your business:

Convenient for the Customer and Employees

Guests are looking for the ultimate convenience when it comes to payments, and SmartPay delivers on that convenience. According to a survey by QSR web,“44% of Americans said convenience was the most important factor for ordering and paying for food and merchandise with their phone, with ease of use (18.6%) and avoiding going into stores (18.3%) as additional factors.” In addition to convenience, SmartPay makes phone orders and curbside payments easier on your customers and employees. Features like text-to-pay reduce the amount of time it would take to have a customer read their card over the phone or go into the store to pay for the order. This allows for an overall frictionless payment experience and drives customer satisfaction.

Reduce Contact in Each Transaction

Consumer demand for contactless transactions surged in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Even as businesses return to more normal operations post-pandemic, contactless solutions, like SmartPay, will continue to support safe and convenient on-site experiences.

Free Your Staff for Service-Oriented Tasks

Get rid of the tedious back-and-forth payment steps between a customer and a server. Leverage SmartPay as a consumer-driven payment method that frees your team members for more service-oriented tasks. For restaurants with dine-in guests, you can turn tables even faster by eliminating the steps of running cards to and from the point of sale at checkout. This allows servers to focus on the customer and improve the overall customer experience.

Digitize your Payment Methods

Mobile payments are on the rise and the trend is here to stay post-pandemic. SmartPay is a no brainer if you want to offer an easy, convenient, safe, contactless way to pay in your restaurant. Connect with a Revel sales representative to learn more about how SmartPay can increase operational efficiency and bring a modern payment experience to your customers. Request a free demo today. 

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