Best for Restaurants: Revel Systems

Why we chose it: We chose Revel as the best POS system for restaurants due to its large number of features and customization options, which make it perfect for integrating front and back-of-house functions into a single system.PROS

  • Employee scheduling function
  • Multiple payment processor integrations 
  • Open API for third-party Integration
  • Granular reporting and analytics 


  • Three-year minimum contract 
  • Costly implementation and monthly fees

Revel Systems offers a comprehensive package that provides restaurant owners and managers with a variety of tools baked into a single integrated restaurant management software system. Currently, Revel software is only available for the iPad. However, Revel is capable of integrating with a number of different printers and payment devices.

In addition to the baseline sales function, Revel also allows its users to schedule employees, manage loyalty programs, and several other customer relations management functions.

Revel Systems offers two options:

  • Revels Essentials is built for small businesses and individual franchise operators. Revels Essentials comes equipped with a suite of features, from an inventory management system to an employee administration feature. It also has reporting and analytics functions. These provide users with detailed sales, inventory, and payroll breakdowns.
  • Revels Enterprise provides larger restaurant chains with a standardized workflow. Cloud integration allows business owners to manage multiple locations remotely.

Compared to some of the other point-of-sale systems on this list, Revel may be less user-friendly right off the bat. The extensive list of bells and whistles that makes Revel a top pick also means that it’ll take some getting used to. However, Revel does offer extensive support via onsite or virtual onboarding and implementation training, a dedicated account specialist, and a tiered concierge service.

Revel also goes well beyond basic point-of-sale functions:

  • QuickBooks integration allows you to set up your taxes
  • The menu-building function allows for direct import and editing in the POS
  • The kitchen management tool connects directly with front-of-house orders

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